20 Small Goals for 2020

I’ve decided that for this year, instead of making resolutions (let’s be real with ourselves; no one actually sticks with these for longer than 3 weeks), I’m going to make 20 small, achievable goals that hopefully I can complete by the time 2021 comes around. I like to think of this list as more of a ‘mini-bucket list’ or ‘to-do list’.

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Favourite Podcasts of 2019

I didn’t get to read as many books as I would have liked to in 2019 (7 compared to 50 in 2018!) but audio has always been a favourite format of entertainment of mine so I’d thought I’d share some of my old and new favourites, as well as some I’d like to try in 2020.

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9 Year-Old Me was a Dumbass: Lessons in Game Boy Advance SP Refurbishment

I’ve been feeling nostalgic recently about the GBA SP I had as a kid and how much joy it brought me. Unfortunately being the dumbass 9 year old I was when the Nintendo DS Lite came out, I sold my SP in the Quokka for $20. The Quokka was basically like Gumtree but in the form of a printed newspaper for anyone wondering. Against my mum’s better judgement of “are you sure??” and little ol’ me replying “yea-nah I wanna sell this thing, mY DS pLaYs GaMe BoY gAmEs”, it’s safe to say that I had made a mistake.

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How I Managed to Read More in 2018

I imagine like most people, high school took the fun out of reading. You were assigned a book you weren’t particularly interested in, and then proceeded to comb through every detail of imagery, symbolism, and author’s intent. Right?

I very much felt this way after leaving high school, and especially with starting university, I felt I didn’t have time to invest into reading anyway.

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