Review: Hotel Beau Séjour (2017)

Hotel Beau Séjour focuses on Kato Hoeven (Lynn Van Royen) as she investigate the circumstances surrounding her own murder. And the added twist to the series? only few of the town’s residents have the ability to see her in her purgatorial state.

As someone who generally doesn’t enjoy the crime drama genre, I found Belgian television series Hotel Beau Séjour to be surprisingly addictive. Weighing in at ten episodes, each spanning 40-50 minutes in duration, this series is perfect to binge over the course of a few days. The success of this show is chalked up to having a plot advancing reveal placed near the end of the episode. This ultimately creates a highly compelling formula that keeps viewers glued to their couches.

The use of Kato as an unreliable narrator keeps viewers guessing the true nature of her murder until the series’ conclusion in episode 10. Disappointingly, some of the character development didn’t seem to tie into the overarching plot, however, it did enhance the immersion and heighten the drama within the series. Hotel Beau Séjour features high-quality acting from every cast member, and the raw anguish expressed by Kato’s loved ones is at times almost palpable.

If you’re struggling to pick something from Netflix’s vast library, or would like to try a new series, I would definitely recommend Hotel Beau Séjour. It is one of the most engaging television series I have seen since Mr. Robot first aired in 2015.